Mr Coso Comedy Magic

Who is Mr. Coso?

He approach the scenes for the first time in the recital of 5^ elementary school, followed up by a long reflection pause that lasts, approximately, until the summer of 2008 when he starts to juggling.
Shortly thereafter he began to studies the figure of Clown, first doing the volunteer clown in the hospital, then starting to study in more professionals workshops with various teachers includingAndré Casaca, Paolo Piludu (i4elementi teatro) e Teatro Invisibile di Padova.

In 2011 he finally convinced himself that IT is not for him and he enrolled on the Atelier of Physical Theatre of Philip Radice to deepen the study of performing arts. There, in the course of 3 years he studies clowns, eccentric and realistic characters, jester, comedy of art, comic writing, direction and much more.
Alongside the school also frequented the Circolo Amici della Magia, where he learns the basics of prestidigitation, from which still jealously keeps a pin that indicates his promotion from novice to adept worthy of knowing the arcane secrets of magic.
Afterwards the Atelier he followed studying clown in various workshops and masterclass with Sue Morrison, Jeff Johnson, Laura Herts and Giorgio Donati.
He also did workshop of Commedia dell'Arte with Carlo Boso and Eugenio Allegri.

In his short and medium-intense life as well as Che Figura di M...magia! participates in other shows in various companies both theater and street art.
In his theatrical career he has an active collaboration that receives a notable response from the audience with the company Clowfunding. In the theater field in the past he also participated in the show Magna Italia directed by Eugenio Allegri during Expo Milano 2015.
In his career as a street artist he participated in the following shows: The Stupid Street Show, Circonfuso, Ser'p'art and The Science Freak Show; that led him to participate in important festivals including: Mojoca, Ferrara Busker Festival, Saltinpiazza, La Luna Nel Pozzo, Bascherdeis, Sonico Busker Festival, Fricandò Busker Festival, etc etc ...